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ProNutra is the gold standard software used by clinical research dietitians in support of metabolic feeding studies.

As a response to the needs of the General Clinical Research Centers and through funding from an NIH grant, Viocare developed ProNutra with a unique intuitive interface. ProNutra provides powerful tools to help plan, manage, and analyze food and nutrient intake and menu planning.

ProNutra is currently installed in over 50 premier facilities including research centers at Rockefeller, Yale, Ohio State, and Wake Forest Universities, USDA, and the National Institutes of Health.

ProNutra gives users the ability to:

  • Develop custom menu plans
  • Display current composition of the total diet and dietary goal throughout the menu development process
  • Virtually eliminate tediously repetitive, time-consuming diet composition on a daily basis
  • Automatically TWEAK diets to meet specified constraints for several nutrients, even to the specific meal, to get the nutrient composition needed quickly and easily
  • Provide individual analysis of intake with daily and meal options averaged over a specified time period
  • Create reports and customized printouts of production sheets, labels, menus, diet reports and analysis
  • Store and export dietary intake data to other statistical software programs
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The power to standardize and customize in one unique program!

Only ProNutra lets you do both! Standardize a metabolic diet study so you can create diets, track subject data by study, and store study-wide information including contact information. Whole diet schedules can be factored to quickly match energy needs for subjects or TWEAKed to match macro- or micro-nutrient prescriptions.

ProNutra uses the USDA Standard Reference and optional USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) database. ProNutra was developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through the National Center for Research Resources at the request of NIH research dietitians. It was refined with the help of professional research dietitians and system managers from the NIH and the USDA Human Nutrition Research Centers.

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Through a collaborative effort between Viocare and the USDA, ARS, Western Human Nutrition Research Center, ProNESSy was developed as an optional add-on module to ProNutra.

ProNESSy is a computerized food-scale system to facilitate accurate dietary kitchen food processing. ProNESSy:

  • Overcomes the limitations of current dietary assessment methodology
  • Automates the kitchen operation by tracking weighed food intakes for multiple research subjects in clinical, metabolic, and /or free-living research studies

This added capacity allows researchers to:

  • Define and control how their kitchen staff processes a food
  • Automatically determine recipe yields
  • Define parameters for how close the food's weight must be to the planned serving weight
  • Automatically determine individual amounts consumed from leftover mixtures
  • Determine a subjects' specific food and serving weight along with what container to use

Together ProNutra and ProNESSy help research dietitians design precise nutrient-intake studies to efficiently measure, manage, and monitor the preparation and consumption of foods and nutrients.

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